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Coating Services

Aztec Coatings Inc. Coating Services

Aztec Coatings Inc. performs work for many Fortune 500 Companies.  We provide coating service for Cryogenic tanks and ASU plants, industrial and commercial painting, fireproofing and fire-stopping on all types of buildings or structures.  Acid, fuel and chemical containments, tank linings of epoxy, rubber or other.  Structural Steel painting and Sand Blasting.

Aztec Coatings Inc. has created a system that provides consistent performance.  Our painters are certified on aerial lifts, required to complete safety training courses, and experienced and have worked in a variety of settings including chemical plants, government facilities, nuclear plants, refineries, mines, hospitals, food manufactures and aerospace locations.

Aztec uses a wide range of coatings and coating companies.  In each case we attempt to work with their NACE professionals to ensure we are getting the best possible product at the best price for the job at hand.  Aztec Coatings Inc. understands the importance of reducing downtime and maintenance costs.  This is why Aztec has taken the time to research each liner and coating system we use.  It has been proven time and time again that Aztec crews are efficient at reducing down time and saving you money.

Cryogenic Tanks

Aztec’s original core business centers around the number of national accounts it holds with fortune 500 companies and others such as Linde, Airgas, Air Products, Air Liquide, Matheson and Praxair to name a few.  In addition to the high quality of Aztec’s coating work the relationship with our customers is one of our unique attributes.  Our head office personnel work closely with managers and service techs in the field to ensure the per-qualification work is complete and our painters are fully security cleared and briefed going in and coming out of a customer’s site.

Aztec has painted thousands and thousands of tanks since it’s inception and each one stands as a testament of our quality.

Additional, Aztec Coatings Inc. is equipped to handle rust prevention and coating on entire ASU facilities as well as site field work on CO2tanks including:

  • Stripping off old insulation
  • Application of Primer
  • Application insulation
  • Complete with a top coat of urethane
  • Blasting
  • Intermediate coats
  • Seal with a special coating of Polyshield HT

Our Coating Services


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